In this video I explain why I’m getting my personal trainer certification.  It may seem strange that after 30 years I would decide to do this, but, there are several reasons why.

First, I am a knowledge freak.  For those of you that don’t know, I did the traditional academic all the way.  Including obtaining my Juris Doctor. But for me knowledge and its acquisition never stops.

I am always looking for what’s new, what’s being studied and can I use it in practice.  Does the practical application of this knowledge yield the same results as the studies?  There’s no way other way to find out than first understanding what is being proposed and then putting it into action.

Specifically with regards to getting my personal trainer certification, I’m interested in being able to help my clients who are at a more beginner level than the athletes that I am more accustomed to working with.  

And I want you to take this journey with me.  As I go through the modules of this course, I am going to put out a video and blog post re-capping what is discussed and how I plan to use it and how you can use it too.

Comment below if you have specific questions, or just want to discuss this.


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